Top 5 tips to get your home ready for sale

~ One thing I get asked a lot from my clients is what should I do to get the house ready for sale. So I’ve put together a list of my top 5 must do tips ~

1. DE-CLUTTER – is definitely the most important thing to do. Look at each room and remove unnecessary items, personal things, streamline each room for a clutter free look with just the bare minimum furniture and styling accessories & artwork. Remove large pieces of furniture. Clean out kitchen cupboards, pantry, wardrobe and throw away dated items and clothes. This is a time-consuming number 1 item to do, but necessary. Give yourself plenty of time to do this, start early, start now, there’s never a right time to start de-cluttering, even if you’re not moving! You will feel better for it.

2. CLEAN – This comes off the back of number one! Once you are feeling so good about having a clutter free house, now is the time to get is sparkling and spotlessly clean. I’m not going to tell you how to clean, but if you need help, we have phone numbers of cleaners on hand to help you out. Even if a house is older with dated bathrooms and kitchens, when they are clean and sparkling it makes a huge difference. So clean, clean, clean everything. Book your council rubbish collection, organise a garage sale or donate unwanted items.

3. PAINT – Usually a house needs to be painted every 7 years or so and so many clients now paint their homes inside out before putting them on the market. This makes a huge difference to the appearance of a home. Clean, fresh and modern with lick of paint, I highly recommend investing a small amount of $ in this.

4. FLOORING – If the carpets are old, stained, smelly, this can really bring a house down. It really is a good idea to replace them. This will make the home feel like new along with number 3. It will be sparkling and clean and make your home more modern. Who doesn’t love a clean home that’s freshly painted with new carpet! The cost of new carpet is not expensive and my in-house stylist can recommend a carpet to suite that won’t break the budget.

5. GARDENS & OUTDOORS – The front gardens are the first thing buyers will see, so make the first impression count. Lawns mowed, edged done, hedges done, weeds removed and a fresh layer of garden mulch spruces up any garden quickly and cheaply. If you need help, we also have gardeners on stand by to whip your gardens into shape, or if you have time do it yourself and save some money for something else. Outdoor entertainment areas should be clean and inviting, add modern cushions and some potted plants or flowers. Most people love outdoor entertaining, so spend as much time cleaning up outside as you do inside. Pools should be leaf free and sparkling.

I could go on for hours about this topic, but I think that’s enough for now. How much you do really depends on your circumstances, time & budget. Next I’m going to be talking about how to do a mini make-over on a budget to sell your property. ?

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– Dasha McGee

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