7 hot tips for selling your home this spring

1.START WTH A SPRING CLEAN: Pack away unused, outdated or personal items to free up space.

2. APPLY A FRESH COAT OF PAINT: A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference. You can touch up chipped paint or update colour schemes to modern and fresh.

3. TIDY UP YOUR GARDENS: If you sweep, weed, mulch, mow and prune your gardens, you will impress buyers before they even walk through the front door. 

4. STYLE YOUR HOME WITH THE LATEST TRENDS: Add a spash of colour by purchasing a couple of trendy cushions, throws and other decorative items that will make your home look more modern.

5. BRING OUT THE BLOOMS:  There’s nothing more appealing than fresh flowers to brighten up a room or better still add some blooms to the outdoor areas in pots, hanging baskets and garden beds to brighten up the gardens.

6. OPEN UP:  To lighten up the space and let the spring breeze through your house, open up the blinds and windows.

7. CLEAN WINDOWS: Don’t forget to clean all your windows inside and out and wipe down all window cills of dust.

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