Do swimming pools add more value to a home?

I always get asked…Do swimming pools add more value to a home?

A pool can really add a lot of value aesthetically in a well landscaped backyard and practicality in the summer. Many young families and couples keep the look out for a home with a pool, a home they can move into and not have to worry about the hassle of installing one themselves.

Whether a pool adds value is highly dependent on the area as well. Homes closer to the beach tend to have more pools and a bigger demand, prepared for those hot summers days in comparison to homes closer to the cooler areas where there is less desire.

To some people a pool can be seen as an objective, as they are too busy to maintain it and can be considered quite costly for the use, they get out of it over the year. Also, the ergonomics of certain backyards won’t allow or will make adding a pool very inefficient and expensive.

If you are considering putting a pool in to create value, getting advice from your chosen agent is always a great idea to ensure it becomes an investment not a liability. Overall, we love our pool, it is the centre piece to our backyard and It’s great in the summer for entertaining family and friends.

– Julie Murray

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