Home style on a budget

So you are a little tight with money at the moment, but would like to give your home a little lift. There are many things you can do to style your home and make it look fresh and amazing on any budget.  I have listed 5 cheap and easy wasy below to transform your home from drab to fab.

  • PAINT: – this is an easy way to transform your home instantly and by doing it yourself, it will not cost a fortune. I have painted many houses in the past and something I now mainly leave to the professionals (I’ve done my time!), but I highly recommend you give it a go. Paint is not expensive and can change the look of a room instantly. Make it fresh and clean and white in the new black when picking a colour scheme for your home. And yes, just like the many shades of grey, there are also many shades of white. I have found the most popular being…… Lexicon, Lexcon Quarter, Hogs Bristle Quarter, Antique White and Whispter White just to name a few.
  • DE-CLUTTER: Well this one won’t cost you a cent but willl make one of the biggest differences when styling your home.  Its just a time and effort and not one of my favorites tasks I must say. I have just done this with 2 bedrooms and my guest bedroom has been minding all the clutter! so this week… I must organsie the guest bedroom!  Its time consuming work but once you do this, it does feel amazing. Being organised, clean draws & wardrobes, mininal clutter, clean, dust free rooms really do make you feel more relaxed at home.  Do away with chunky dark furniture, minimise what you need in each room, remove or sell large pieces of furunitre and keep it simple. Now go.
  • FAKE PLANTS: I love this one. Plants, flowers, pots, baskets all just finish off a room and give it warmth and make it more inviting. I used to do the real thing, but now I’m abit obsessed with fake. Fake looks so real these days and will last a lifetime. No watering needed, no overwaterring and ruining floors, no dying,  not dirt in the house. Prices can vary on fake plants and flowers, but I have invested both in expensive and cheaper home plants and flowers.  Adairs, K-Mart, BigW and Freedom have a huge variety of plants and flowers to choose from and really do polish up a room.
  • FURNITURE: – If you have had a bedroom suite for over 15 years! sell it! I have just recently restyled my bedroom and oh my god! why didn’t I do this earlier!. My bedroom suite was chocolate brown and I had a big king sized bed and it was all still in good condition and didn’t look too dated so it wasn’t something I thought about too often (just a little). I happen to stumble across a bedroom suite in a store called Shack at Moore Park, that was reduced by $1000’s!, I showed my husband and before we knew it, it was being delivered the following week. So I had to remove everything from all the drawers, I advertised my old bedroom suite and had it sold within a week. I disembled everthing, emptied my room. It was out with the old and in with the new.  I cant even tell you what a difference it has make to my room. It is now light, airy, fresh, open, modern, bigger & crispy clean.  I now love spending the morning in my room with a cup of tea just admiring it.  So yes, get out the old, sell it and you can find some great steals out there and it’s a good excuse to clean out all the drawers.
  • BATHROOM: –  Bathrooms are usally one of the most expensive rooms in the house to rennovate, but there is another option to spruse up a very dated bathroom which is paint, yes you can paint tiles.  I would paint the wall tiles white and the floor grey. This will instantly modernise your bathroom. Tapwear is another tell tale sign of an older bathroom, so just pop into Bunnings and pickup some new taps and a shower head which dont’ have to be too expensive, in either chrome or black if your feeling daring and if you have a diy hubby handy this is an easy job (or hire a plumber or handyman to do this for you). This is a quick, easy and cheap way to rennovate your bathroom. I have had many clients do this when selling their home and the difference looks amazing and wont break the bank.

– Dash McGee

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